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Is the Baby Sleeping?

wife: go see if the baby sleeping *walks into baby’s room* baby: corporations exploit our insecurities for profit me: no babe she woke af — updog (@uptowndogfunk) January 15, 2016 Best tweet in history.

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On Lawyers and Science and Stuff

Research is super important. If you fail at that, you will be called out for it, specially if you’re writing Sci-fi and Neil deGrasse Tyson happens to be in a correcting mood. “Save the Earth” really means “Save the Humans”

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Ten Commandments

I think that if God had something against gay people, he’d have mentioned it in the ten commandments. Like, Moses probably looked at the stones and asked, “Lord, what about homosexuals?” And God said, “Nah, they cool, bruh.”

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On Perseverance

Perseverance is important as duck (see how I cleverly replaced the F for a D? If you haven’t,now you have.)
Anyway, I was thinking about Graham Moore’s Oscars’ speech, you, know, the “Stay weird, stay different” one. Which brought me back to Tim Allen’s one liner in Galaxy Quest (a great Star Trek parody, by the way) where he says “Never give up, never surrender.”

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Feminist Ninja Badass

It is NOT about seeing men as inferior to our female awesomenes (though this one tempted me a bit).

It’s NOT having the right to physically or emotionally hurt a man because he can ‘take it’.

It’s NOT about depriving men of rights such as parental leave.

And it’s not about reducing men to Neanderthals whose brains operate solely in their penises.

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