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What’s your Favourite Love Story?

Mine is probably the one I have with chocolate chip cookies. And Stranger Things. How about you? Oh, and speaking of love stories, this is coming to you very soon (yay!)

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How to Reply to a Rejection Letter

A lot of people have trouble dealing with form rejections, be that for a project, a job, a book, college, or pretty much anything in this world. Being an author, and therefore having some degree of experience in the matter,

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It’s My Birthday Today

Yes, it has happened. I am older (though if we think about it, we’re older every passing day, minute, and second, so, what gives? Idk, man.) Anyway, I have mixed feelings about my birthday. I mean, it’s always a cool

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Review: ‘A Courtroom of Ashes’ by C.S. Wilde

Originally posted on The Literary Counsellor:
I have been a horrible blogger friend and I must apologize to C.S. Wilde for how long it took me to write this review. She provided me with a free copy of her book…

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The Awesomeness of Simone Biles

You Guys, The Biles is one of the most amazing moves I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that leave your jaw hanging and your brain going nonstop, “holy shit,holy shit,holy shit!” I mean just look at it! If

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