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Writing Is Anything But Easy

Picture a volcano on a major hang-over throwing up lava everywhere. Picture that little girl from the exorcist. No, actually, picture Donald Trump on an angry rant.

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Is the Baby Sleeping?

wife: go see if the baby sleeping *walks into baby’s room* baby: corporations exploit our insecurities for profit me: no babe she woke af — updog (@uptowndogfunk) January 15, 2016 Best tweet in history.

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On Lawyers and Science and Stuff

Research is super important. If you fail at that, you will be called out for it, specially if you’re writing Sci-fi and Neil deGrasse Tyson happens to be in a correcting mood. “Save the Earth” really means “Save the Humans”

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Useful Stuff for the Indie Author Part 1

As an indie author, I focus most of my budget on editing. One, because I want to get a FANTASTIC book out there, and two, indies in general have a bad reputation. And that bugs me. Some of us put really terrible stuff out in the world, I won’t deny it. But then again, so do many trad publishers.

Anyway, putting a high quality book out there means my budget for everything else is quite…restrained. And making a book is not JUST about writing and editing, oh no, my friends. I wish it was.

So here are a few things that you, as an indie on a tight budget, will need to take care of (besides writing a great book):

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Ten Commandments

I think that if God had something against gay people, he’d have mentioned it in the ten commandments. Like, Moses probably looked at the stones and asked, “Lord, what about homosexuals?” And God said, “Nah, they cool, bruh.”

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