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It’s My Birthday Today

Yes, it has happened. I am older (though if we think about it, we’re older every passing day, minute, and second, so, what gives? Idk, man.) Anyway, I have mixed feelings about my birthday. I mean, it’s always a cool

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The Awesomeness of Simone Biles

You Guys, The Biles is one of the most amazing moves I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that leave your jaw hanging and your brain going nonstop, “holy shit,holy shit,holy shit!” I mean just look at it! If

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Writing Is Anything But Easy

Picture a volcano on a major hang-over throwing up lava everywhere. Picture that little girl from the exorcist. No, actually, picture Donald Trump on an angry rant.

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Steel Magic Cover Reveal

Hi Guys, Here’s a quick shout out to a fellow author, J. L. Gribble, who’s releasing this little baby very, very soon. And it’s available for pre-order here : ) Funerals are usually the end of the story, not the

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In case you missed part 1, here you go. Read it? All right, let’s continue. Social media. This basically translates to engage with your audience. For that, WordPress is A-okay. Just make sure to follow the tags that are pertinent

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