Review: ‘A Courtroom of Ashes’ by C.S. Wilde

Waking up to this just made my day!

The Literary Counsellor

I have been a horrible blogger friend and I must apologize to C.S. Wilde for how long it took me to write this review. She provided me with a free copy of her book in exchange for an honest review and I’m finally getting around to sharing my thoughts with the rest of you about A Courtroom of Ashes.

Synopsis: Santana Jones is a no-nonsense, high profile attorney who has found herself in possession of a very unique mirror that allows her to see into the spirit world. But the mirror proves to be more than just a window, and she soon learns that not all the dead are harmless ghosts. With the help of some new friends from the beyond, including the charming and handsome John Braver, Santana must battle the forces of evil and learn exactly how her life choices have affected things on both sides of mirror.

This book…

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The Awesomeness of Simone Biles

You Guys,

The Biles is one of the most amazing moves I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that leave your jaw hanging and your brain going nonstop, “holy shit,holy shit,holy shit!”

I mean just look at it!

If that’s not the living embodiment of the word awesome, I don’t know what is.

Simone Biles has kicked MAJOR ASS during the Rio Olympics. That girl is EXTRAORDINARY!

Also, much like the champions in old time stories, she got a kiss from a beautiful damsel, ahem, dude. Zac Effron, ladies and gentlemen.


Chris Hemsworth, when I become the literary Simone Biles… I’ll be waiting.


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“Buy My Book Now,” said The Clueless Author

Why do some authors release a bland post when their book’s out, saying, “My book is out. Available on Amazon. Buy now!”

“Buy now?” Seriously?

I hate posts like that so much that I literally lose my shit over this (by the way, the misuse of ‘literally’ here makes for a super gross mental picture, doesn’t it?)

Why would any reader invest on you because you’re TELLING them to do so? How do they even know that they like you as a writer?

Engage with your readers. Don’t tell them to buy your book, SHOW them first how awesome your stories can be.

Then once your book is out, you can write nice, entertaining posts about it (like this, or  this , or this.) Its totally fine to go into marketing mode once you release a book, just make sure to tie it up with interesting stuff.

“Buy now.” It reads like spam, doesn’t it? Even worse, it reads like I’m ordering my readers to buy my book. ORDERING.

Fuck that. No one likes to be ordered to do stuff. Your fans will buy your books because they are intrigued by them. You know who says “Buy my book?”

ROBOTS, that’s who. And not even cool robots like Chappie, nooo, only lame, annoying robots do that.


So to my fellow authors out there, don’t be a lame robot. Be a cool one.

Be Chappie.

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Writing Is Anything But Easy

Just the other day, someone told me, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to write a book. Perhaps I’ll get to it if I find the time.”

Look, I’m very supportive of people learning new stuff, especially if it’s writing. But assuming that an inexperienced author can pick up a pen and write a high quality book is not only delusional but very condescending.

Picture a volcano on a major hang-over throwing up lava everywhere. Picture that little girl from the exorcist. No, actually, picture Donald Trump on an angry rant.


Yes, that’s how angry I was.

I’ll quote Mr. King here, because he’s a trusted source on this type of thing.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

Stephen King

Do people ever turn to a brain surgeon and say, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to fix brains, perhaps I’ll get to it if I find the time.”

Fuck no.

Being a serious author is NOT fun and games.

It’s a lot of research and years of work. It’s a shitload of stuff you need to learn, and it’s a blurred madness of self-doubt, tears, late nights, and dark circles under your eyes.

Sure, everyone can write, but:



dorothy parker

*End of angry rant.*

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Stranger Things

Have you watched Stranger Things?

This series is so FREAKING AMAZING I can’t even, AAAAGHHHH!

I’m not joking. Stranger Things is what would happen if Steven Spielberg had met Stephen King for a couple of beers.

Let that sink in for a moment.


This series is an ode to a LOT of sci-fi and horror movies from the eighties. SERIOUSLY, HERE’S A LIST OF ALL THE REFERENCES AND YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT!

I can’t explain how awesome this series is, and I’m a writer, so that says a lot.

Favorite character?

This little dude, though Eleven came as a close second.

To sum it up:

Stranger Things is by far one of the best series out there.

Have you watched it? If so, share your opinion 🙂

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