Share your goals for 2016!

Hey Everyone!

I have returned from beautiful AUSTRALIA! One month, several cities and lots of amazing experiences.

In Australia, I’ve learned something remarkable and unexpected:

Kangaroos and Koalas are overrated assholes.

The CUTEST animal in Australia is actually the QUOKKA. Here’s one for you.

I named her Epiphany because that's a cool name.

I named her Epiphany.

Quokkas are ADORABLE and they’re everywhere in Rottnest Island. So if you’re ever in Western Australia, make sure to drop by 🙂

But enough about the cute Quokkas.  It’s 2016, people!

Apart for some shitty stuff (like the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman), I’m hoping this will be a good year. And with every great year, we get some great goals!

So what are your goals for 2016?

Mine are simple: Publishing a few books without losing my mind.

who am I kidding? I lost my mind long ago…

C.S. Wilde writes about fantastical worlds, love stories larger than life and epic battles. She also, quite obviously, sucks at writing an author bio. She finds it awkward that she must write this in the third person, and hopes you won’t notice.

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25 comments on “Share your goals for 2016!
  1. Mike says:

    I will learn more about marketing, and stick to a real writing schedule.

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  2. The V-Pub says:

    Well, welcome back! Your vacation sounds like it was wonderful, except for a few marsupials. I’d like to lose a few pounds in 2016, and write an epic song. Maybe a song about koalas and kangaroos, but I’m not quite sure. Hey, there was a song about muskrats, so why not marsupials???

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  3. Yinglan says:

    That little guy is soooo cute! As for goals, I don’t have anything specific, just work hard at improving myself, not sure what ways though. Welcome back!

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  4. djmorand says:

    Just for starters, OMG! I love your new banner. It is gorgeous!

    Goal 1: Read no less than 24 books this year. Normally, I read at least 1-3 books a month, but I read only 15 last year. I did read a ton of short stories and I wrote my own, but still. I need to make sure I am reading more.

    Goal 2: I am publishing 2 books this year. Atlas is already in the editing (Alpha Reader) stage, so I have that going for me. I have a project in April that I am pretty excited about and I hope to have that out before the end of the year.

    Goal 3: Finish writing the Infinity Verge Series. I have Kodiak available, Atlas as I mentioned, but I haven’t even started Chapter 1 of Ursidae.

    Goal 4: GET BETTER AT MARKETING! I have already started towards this, but yeah, need more marketing skillz!

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  5. rebbit7 says:

    Wow, Australia?! How exciting! Looks absolutely gorgeous, and I’m glad that you had a good time.

    As for my goals for this year, I plan not to hold back from traveling more, meeting and getting to know new people along the way. Travel goals, ftw!

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  6. I want to get my prequel “Crimes & Impunity in New Orleans” finished an published within the next 6 mos. For some reason, I am having the same issues I had with my debut novel. I think about it a lot, but haven’t started writing, except for a couple ideas about the plot. I have 30 or so pages written because I originally planned to have my protagonist in New Orleans before going to El Salvador. I ended up with her stepping off the plane in ES instead.
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:


  7. You fell for the old Quokka trick. Don’t worry, millions of tourists to Australia fall for it too. Quokkas are actually little children in furry costumes paid a dollar a day. (The revelation was removed from Wikipedia.)

    My goals for 2016: become extremely famous and stop telling lies.

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  8. garym6059 says:

    Welcome back from the land down under!

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  9. Hi C.S. I found your blog via Opinionated Man so I wanted to come by say hey and check out your blog. I’ll be on the lookout for your posts. ~Steph

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  10. Anne Skyvington says:

    Hi there… From Sydney, Australia. I live right next to the beach in Coogee. Glad you downunder. The worst thing is being so far away from the rest of the world.

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  11. Shirley Muir says:

    I want to tackle some new categories
    – fantasy
    – science fiction (come on, I tell myself, you’re a SCIENTIST, you can write sci-fi!)
    – short short fiction (wrote my first 100-word flash story yesterday, it’s a start)
    Exciting stuff. Now I need some deadlines…

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