THE DEAL:  Write your best two-sentence story, post it in your blog, and make sure to leave the link to your post in the comments below.

Or leave your two-sentence story in the comments.

OR post it on twitter using hashtag #atwosentencestory. Or all these things together!

THE REWARD: In a few days, I’ll compile the best contributions and publish them here. Not only that, but the first place will get a super special blog interview, gaining extra exposure to some 600+ readers (WordPress+Tweeter).

So here’s the kickstart!

They lowered the small coffin into the earth. She shed no tears.


Remember, it can be any genre you want: humor, horror, romance, anything at all as long it’s a two-sentence story.

Now get crackin’.

C.S. Wilde writes about fantastical worlds, love stories larger than life and epic battles. She also, quite obviously, sucks at writing an author bio. She finds it awkward that she must write this in the third person, and hopes you won’t notice.

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  1. It was fun and amusing to read the comments. Imagine how broad and creative their minds are. 😍 I already posted my two-sentence story on my blog:

    And I’ll post it here too. ☺

    “It’s okay to cry; crying will help you ease the pain and believe me, being unafraid to cry will make you stronger”, said the old woman standing beside her. She was caught off guard and then suddenly, without her noticing it, her tears spilled down her cheeks.

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  2. From a long lost memory to an early morning dream. She surely haven’t forgotten the way to my heart..

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  3. There was this girl I knew once in school who was taunted by bullies and abused by her alcoholic father. I had a chance to make a difference in her life…and failed.

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  4. ferddhie says:

    “His eyes stare into nothingness” they all said, but she knew better. In them she saw memories of the life they shared.

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  5. vishalicious says:

    Mommy told her the monsters weren’t real as she shut the bedroom door. The nightlight flickered and she saw the eyes in the mirror weren’t hers.

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  6. Paul Beech says:

    Chiselled… lovers’ names worn smooth. Their spirits live on unrecognised.

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  7. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    Another challenge for you. A very short story challenge. Have a go!


  8. Through the unmapped wastes of space, the silver snake wound and coiled its way round planets and meteors, creeping ever closer to its goal. In the observatory, the astronomer watched, transfixed, first with curiosity, then with fear.

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  9. eatmorewords says:

    The trees looked dead, naked, the mourners waited. The grave diggers hated winter.

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  10. Kshitija says:

    He kissed her as she was arguing. Huge impact.

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  12. mrwolfglesga says:

    Here you go: [and yes, it’s inspired from true events… lol]

    “Let us pray,” she murmured, bowing her head earthward as the tiny box continued its downward trajectory into the soil, a cruel wind whipping at her brown hair underneath a steely sky. The hole itself wasn’t quite six feet – digging that deep to bury their pet grasshopper in a matchbox seemed like an unnecessary luxury the children couldn’t afford.

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  13. He walked into the gray building two times every day, with its huge arches and musty smelling rooms. He never thought intensive outpatient treatment would so intensive, but this time he was going to really give this sobriety thing a shot.

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  14. Olga says:
    I thought I knew it all, until she revealed her secret. Suddenly, I felt my world shatter, plunging my soul into a spectral abyss where no love existed, only lies.

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  15. Kathy Palm says:

    Okay… I’ll play!

    Sterile white walls of the waiting room surround me, my blood, my death staining my memories, and I stare at the one way out, my way out, of this between place. Black as nothingness, the door, hiding either the light or the dark, creeps open.

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  16. “Another day ruined,” he said at eight o’clock in the morning.
    He burnt the bacon.

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  17. jessmbaum says:

    Reblogged this on Jessica Marie Baumgartner and commented:
    Maybe I can come up with something haha


  18. […] To participate in this challenge click here. […]

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  19. shanx says:

    My entry here:

    He unsheathed his black sword putting the guns and firepower to shame.
    His hand held the sword tight lying on the ground as a witness to a mightier bravery.

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  20. dezorahkay says:

    “You’re getting weaker every minute,” said the doctor in a low, shaky voice. I knew that all he could see of me was a haggard, stick-thin figure in a hospital bed, so I offered a hopeful smile to prove him wrong.

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  21. If there was ever a time he needed patience it was now, he said to himself as the police officer approached his car. Now is not the time for a black man to lose his self-restraint and possibly lose his life.

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  22. semperite says:

    ‘Danny, if you’re reading this it means I’ve escaped, meet me in the one place only you and I know exists’. When I arrived I found her dead on the floor, bruises around her neck; the police arrived shortly after, holding her note.

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  23. Laine Jensen says:

    Father’s teardrops fall on a tiny closed casket. Mother loves Jim Beam.

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  25. gardenlilie says:

    Hi! first time here. I posted to my blog …

    Thanks, Kim.

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  26. potatopen says:

    Here goes mine-

    She picked up her mail and headed over to the desk to sort them out, while she looked up momentarily at the reflection of the animate inferno on the kitchen clock. The pulse of the flaming heat hit from her hard and there, with the letters in her hand, she sunk into abysmal depths, an echoing vortex full of fire, in the dark.

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    • potatopen says:

      Edit: Here goes my story for the challenge!

      She picked up her mail and headed over to the desk to sort them out, while she looked up momentarily at the reflection of the animate inferno on the kitchen clock. The pulse of the flaming heat hit her hard and there, with the letters in her hand, she sunk into abysmal depths, an echoing vortex full of fire, in the dark.

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  27. She was confused that her brother shed so many tears, it was just a stupid cat. She smiled, remembering how easily it broke.

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  28. jacqueline S says:

    What a great idea to get writing 😉

    Find my 2 sentence story at …

    The book held all the answers she would ever need. She never opened the book.

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  29. […] A Two Sentence Story Challenge from CS Wilde. Read more or play along HERE. […]

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  30. Upon finishing the last sentence of the essay, he took a long, satisfying, celebratory drink of coffee. He then accidentally knocked the cup over, spilling the remaining coffee all over the keyboard.

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  31. […] November 23rd C.S. Wilde had a two-sentence story challenge on her blog. My two-sentence story got an honorable […]


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