Lack of Inspiration?

I tried finding inspiration for a post, but my mind was emptier than the Sahara at night–maybe some crickets chirped in the background and a lizard snatched a bug with its tongue, but that was it.

So here are a few pictures of funny cats.

Next installment: Funny dogs.

C.S. Wilde writes about fantastical worlds, love stories larger than life and epic battles. She also, quite obviously, sucks at writing an author bio. She finds it awkward that she must write this in the third person, and hopes you won’t notice.

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13 comments on “Lack of Inspiration?
  1. What a coincidence. I’ve got a post coming up about having nothing to write about. No kittens though. Damn, forgot about those.


  2. Check out the parrots. I find them very inspirational. Julie

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  3. rebbit7 says:

    By posting photos of funny cats and dogs, that’s inspiration in itself! 😛

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  4. The V-Pub says:

    Even Picard has his cat days:

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  5. garym6059 says:

    Are you transforming into CRAZY CAT LADY!

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  6. A.B Mood says:

    Aaawwwww they are super-amaze-adorable!! ❤
    You know I'm suffering from exactly the opposite. I have SO MUCH to write about but I don't feel like/don't wanna write it down 😦 Mine's a different sort of writing block -_-

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  7. mrwolfglesga says:

    Grumpy cat is always welcome!

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  8. mrwolfglesga says:

    Oh yeah, also currently listening to this to battle lack of inspiration:

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